Why the website?
Open Studio Events are opportunities for artists to invite the public into their workspace. I use to participate in Open Studios annually. So, this website is another way to invite others into my studio and share my new adventure with painting.

Studio Photograph courtesy Dennis McCoy

After more than 15 years being an abstract acrylic painter, I recently decided to go back to realism and oil painting. "On my blog",
since May 1st, I have been posting weekly on Tuesdays a selection of my daily still life; I hope you will follow my new project and enjoy the

The Paintings
They are all original oil paintings on gessoed board (paper or masonite- otherwise specified). The size varied for some, but mostly 5”x7”. The time spent to paint them varies according to the inspiration, complexity of the subject and the oil technique used.

My Profile
I have a traditional art training through professional art schools in France where I grew up. I completed this training in California where I moved in 1989, where I still live North of San Francisco with my husband.

Thank you to my son for designing this web.